Welcome to Sunshine Instructional Design


Hello, my name is Chad Skudlarick and I’m a graduate student in the online Master of Science in Instructional Design program at Saint Leo University. Additionally, for the past decade, I have been a teacher, coach, and school counselor. So why did I choose to enter graduate school for instructional design at this point in my career? That’s a good question and I’ll get to it in just a minute.

First though, has anyone ever asked you “what’s your thing?” A few moons ago, a co-worker asked me that question. It’s a very simple, but powerful question. So I thought about the question and took the¬†Big Five Aspects Scale – personality assessment.¬†According to the scale my two highest scores are creativity and orderliness (both were tied at the 97th percentile). So while I’m definitely an idea guy, I’m also “remarkably detail-oriented.” (Some may say to a fault?) What does all this mean? This means, I entered graduate school for instructional design because I recognize ‘my thing’ is learning, creating, and helping others better themselves. And that is precisely the purpose of instructional design – to facilitate learning and improve performance. My aim therefore is to combine my past experiences, along with the new skills I’m learning, and apply it all to ensure learners are successful.

Learning is better when its shared. Therefore, all work contained on this site (including posts/responses, etc.) are licensed under Creative Commons (CC 4.0). ¬†Additionally, I extend an invitation to you to join me, read what I’ve written on this site and post your thoughts. Let’s learn together and explore the depths of truth, beauty, and goodness; and make the world an even better place.


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